Papa's Pizzeria

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Open! The Papa’s Pizzeria is open. Today, however, there is a notable change. The shop owner's son, Roy will run this restaurant! Will he be able to take on this mission?

Welcome to Papa's Pizzeria, an exciting cooking game! Coming to this entertaining game, you have the opportunity to operate a pizzeria with many different customers. How to cook the right pizza order? How to complete multiple orders at once? You will face all these problems. Can you conquer them?

Papa's Pizzeria Characters

Roy - Main Character

This game is inspired by the story of a father and son. The father had a job and left. Roy, a delivery boy, will take over his dad's pizza restaurant. Although Roy does not volunteer, he has a responsibility because it is his duty.

Let's start this game and help Roy complete all the orders!

Customer Characters

Pizza is a world cuisine and it is considered as a convenience food. Therefore, there are many different customers. Each customer has a different characteristic. You can open a customer profile to track basic information about that customer. It is necessary to complete orders faster.

A few regular customers


  • Favorite Toppings: Pepperoni
  • Number of pizzas ordered: 2
  • Customer since: Day 1


  • Favorite Toppings: Pepperoni
  • Number of pizzas ordered: 2
  • Customer since: Day 1


  • Favorite Toppings: Mushrooms
  • Number of pizzas ordered: 1
  • Customer since: Day 2

The number of ordered pizzas can change. However, the 2 remaining elements are impossible.

Papa's Ardmore Menu

The main menu of the restaurant only has pizza. However, your customers can order pizza with a variety of toppings such as pepperoni, mushrooms, sausage, peppers, onions, olives, and anchovies. Make sure you can make the pizza your customers want.

How To Bake Pizza

Order Station (Green Button)

Your customers will enter the pizzeria and order the pizzas to their liking. Take your order at the green button in the upper right. Listen and take note of customer requirements. When taking orders, you should pay attention to factors such as topping, layout, baking time, and the number of portions. All of these will be specifically requested by the customer. In particular, you should pay attention to customers who have many requests at the same time.

Topping Station (Yellow Button)

What toppings do your customers need? Where do they want to put the topping? You have this information during the ordering process. Please follow the customer's request. If you don't remember the names of the toppings, don't worry. The order form will show all basic information with pictures and numbers. It is easy to track.

Baking Station (Red Button)

Baking is the next important step. You also need to follow the client's time requirements. You cannot bake too quickly or for too long. You should look at the clock icon at the bottom of the order. The more you finish baking at the right time, the more satisfied your customers will be.

Cutting Station (Blue Button)

How many pieces does your customer want to divide the cake into? Please cut according to your customer's request. In addition, the best way to cut a pizza is to have all the pizza slices of the same size. It can be challenging to cut the pizza for the first time. However, you can practice it on client-by-client orders.

Once this cheese dish is done, finish and serve it to your customers. Your customers will pay based on their satisfaction. Therefore, try to do exactly according to the customer's request.

More Information For You

Today's Result

You will open the shop daily. After each day, you will get the results for that day. Results will be based on two main factors: Customers Today and Service Quality.

Customers Today is the number of customers while Service Quality will rate your fast food restaurant based on 4 factors: Waiting, Topping, Baking, and Cutting. These factors are evaluated based on the percentage of customer satisfaction.

In addition, you will also know about the amount you get. Based on this money, you can raise your rank from newbie to master.


If you want to compete with other players for your rank, you need to write your name before starting the game. After that, the game will be based on your rank to put you on the leaderboard. This process can spend you a few operating days. However, you will not feel bored because of Papa's Pizzeria’s gameplay. It is attractive and addictive.

How to play Papa's Pizzeria without flash

Playing Papa's Pizzeria without flash is available on our website. You can play this cooking game online with no flash. In particular, it is unblocked and you can play it anytime and anywhere. Make sure that your devices have an internet connection to access this unblocked game successfully.

How to deal with multiple orders at once

This question is asked by many players. You can complete orders one by one. However, day by day, your pizzeria receives more and more orders. If you don't make pizza fast, your tip will be reduced by the Waiting rating. So how to solve this problem?

  • First, you need to make sure you understand your order before making it. All of the topping, timing, and cutting requirements need to be firmly grasped.
  • Then you make orders based on the time factor. The order that takes more time can be made first. While waiting for the cake to bake, you can make other orders. As a result, you can save time.

However, the most important thing is smoothness. You can slow down, but each pizza is done in a steady manner. Besides, you can improve your cooking skills day by day. It is an effective way to get used to the busyness of work.

Another note is the arrangement of orders. You need to arrange your orders properly. It will not only help you cook faster, but also avoid confusion. It would be a pity if you gave the wrong order from one customer to another. Although you have baked the pizza carefully, your order is still not satisfied by the customer.