Bartender The Celebs Mix

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Bartender The Celebs Mix is ready for you to experience the work of a bartender. Let Miguel create delicious drinks for our famous guests.

Make great drinks at 5-star Hotel Bar

Miguel is a famous bartender and he was invited to 5-star Hotel Bar. The request of the hotel owner is that he creates a mystic marvel for the dear guests of the hotel. This is the hardest request he has ever received. Are you ready to help Miguel complete the mission?

Just like in the games Bartender: The Wedding and Bartender: The Right Mix, you click on the guest to see what the guest wants to drink. Then suggestions on how to make that drink will appear and you can rely on that to make that drink. Mix the drinks or alcohol together, and then add other ingredients such as ice, herbs, or fruit. Shake well to mix ingredients. Pour your fruit into a beautiful glass and get ready to serve your lovely guest.

Control: Use your mouse to click the button at the bottom of the screen.

Great features of Bartender The Celebs Mix

Log in to use online save

One of the great features of this game is that you can log in to use online save. When you log into this game with an online account, your play history will be saved. The times you make a great drink or a bad drink will be recorded. Also, when you log into this game, you can unlock the Dress Up feature. You can change your bartender's outfit to make him more impressive.

Unlock more guests

One of the interesting features of this game is that you can unlock more guests. You collect 3 endings of the first quest to unlock a male celeb. Additionally, you can unlock a female celeb by collecting 3 endings of the second quest.