Bartender: The Right Mix

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About Bartender: The Right Mix

Do you know how to create a mon and attractive drink? That's the job of a bartender. Bartender: The Right Mix is a simulation game where you play the role of a bartender and do your daily chores. Let's create drinks in the right ratios.

This fun game offers a wide range of different drinks like Vodka, Whiskey, Vermouth, Triple-Sec, Gin, etc. Your task as a bartender is to mix these drinks together to create the best drink. Adding ice or lemon can make your drink more delicious.

After you've successfully concocted a drink, get ready to enjoy and value it. Each drink will be evaluated in many ways. You will receive a score that shows how delicious the drink is. The higher the score, the better your drink will be. In addition to making drinks in this game, you can also sell them at Frozen Slushy Maker Icy Food Game.

Developer and release date

The marketing agency Liquid Light is the developer of Bartender: The Right Mix. It created the game in 2013 after being authorized by the LandSecurities company.

How to control

  • Click the drinks to take them.
  • Hold the left mouse button and choose the actions to pour, shake, or serve.

Notes for playing Bartender: The Right Mix

A very important thing in this bartender job is the ratios. Different drinks will have their own recipes and ingredients. There will be many components that when combined will give bad results like an explosion. Therefore, you must pay attention to mixing them with the right ratio to avoid the above cases.