Bartender: The Wedding

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Welcome to the Bartender: The Wedding game! In this game, you play the role of a bartender and mix drinks for guests at your cousin's wedding. Let's see if you can make it a sweet wedding or a hellish one.

Work as a bartender in Bartender: The Wedding

When starting to step into this simulation game, there are two options for you. You can create an account and play to store your play history. Or you can experience this game right away by selecting the Local Save option. The next step is to choose your clients and start working as a bartender right away.

Start the job by asking the client what he wants to drink. Listen to his answer and then get some suggestions on how to make the drink. Make a great drink from a variety of drinks. Shake them to blend together and bring out the perfect flavor. Add fruits and herbs for garnish and ready to serve.

Your customer's reaction will dictate whether your drink tastes good or not. What will be the result? A talented bartender or a bartender with terrible skills is waiting for you. Try and become a professional bartender in Bartender: The Right Mix.

Controls of Bartender: The Wedding

  • Use the mouse to click the drinks to take them
  • Hole the left mouse button and choose the control buttons of pouring and shaking at the bottom of the screen.
  • Click the serve button at the bottom of the screen to serve the client.
  • Notice the suggestion box to make the drink easier.