Bricks and Balls

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About Bricks and Balls

Are you ready for the interesting challenges in the Bricks and Balls game? In this game, you have to shoot the balls and break all the bricks above you?

This is not an adventure game like in Magic Run. In this game, you will shoot balls and destroy all the bricks on the map. You control the shooting direction of the ball to break as many bricks as possible. The more bricks you break, the higher score you get. The game will end when any brick reaches the limit that you cannot shoot.

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How to control: Drag the mouse to align your balls.

Use power-ups

It is similar to Tiny Jelly, you can use Power-ups to make the game easier. Power-ups appear on the map and they will be used immediately. You can also collect diamonds to buy power-ups in the bottom corner of the screen. Use the power and conquer this exciting game