Butterbean Cafe Cupcake Creator

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About Butterbean Cafe Cupcake Creator

If you are a cooking simulator game lover, you can not ignore the game Butterbean Cafe Cupcake Creator. In the game, let's help Butterbean operate her cafe.

Welcome back to the Butterbean's Cafe Games category! In the game, you will have the chance to cooperate with Butterbean in the creation, or more precisely, preparation, of cupcakes that are often sold at the restaurant she owns and manages. What are you waiting for without clicking Play to take part in the journey of making enchanted cupcakes right now? Customers will want a certain cupcake flavor, and you will be required to manufacture it according to their demands. You will choose the color of the frosting before applying it to the cake using the mouse. Then, you will pick the cup in which the cake will be presented and decorate it in an attractive style. Delight your customers with great service and cakes. You will get more and more customers with good reviews from previous customers. After gaining certain success, you can expand to other areas like World Best Cooking Recipes and Papa Cherry Saga.