Cake Slice Ninja

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Get ready to become a ninja in the Cake Slice Ninja game and cut all the cakes here while avoiding the bombs. Let's see how many points you can get!

What is Cake Slice Ninja?

Cake Slice Ninja is an interesting arcade game in which players use their mouse as a knife to try to cut all the cakes. In specific, pieces of cake and bombs will appear on the screen. You hold the left mouse button and move it to cut pieces of cake. The more points you will earn, the more cakes you cut in one go. However, you must pay attention to avoid the bombs. If you cut the bombs, unfortunately, your points will decrease.

Game modes of Cake Slice Ninja

There are two game modes in this game including Classic and Arcade modes. In the Classic mode, each time you slice a bomb, you will be deducted 50 points. Besides, if you drop 3 sweets, the game ends. In the Arcade mode, you will play the game for 1 minute and see how many points you will earn. Let's note that one time you cut a bomb, 50 points will be deducted.