Candy Cake Maker

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What is Candy Cake Maker?

Candy Cake Maker is a cake-making simulator game in which you try to make great cakes thanks to the recipes that the game provides. Invite your friends or family members to enjoy them after you have done them. Their reviews are really important because they can help you improve your cakes.

At the beginning of the game, there are three cake recipes that you can choose from. They are Cocoa Candy Cake, Chocolate Candy Cake, and Voka Candy Cake. Choose one recipe among them and then show your cooking skills. Each recipe has its own process and its own story. Explore each one!

How to control: Use the computer mouse.

Other information about the game

Developer and release date

This game is owned by Yiv.Com which is a game development company. On July 24, 2020, this game is released.


It can be played on both Web Browser (PC) and mobile. Access this game just with a smart device connected to the internet.

Interesting features

  • All recipes are available and you don't need to unlock them.
  • You can make the cake without being in order.
  • Ingredients in some recipes have been prepared. Some require you to go to the supermarket and buy them.
  • The game is perfect when it brings interesting moments for people. It's sure that making great cakes here is a great way to gain a happy time.