Cat Chef vs Fruits - 2 Player

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It's time to join Cat Chef vs Fruits - 2 Player and race with two fruits. You help the broccoli and avocado escape from the cat and get to the refrigerator.

Description of the game

Unlike kitchens in Yummy Chocolate Factory and Penguin Cookshop, there is an exciting chase happening in Cat Chef vs Fruits - 2 Player when a chef cat is trying to catch 2 series of fruits with life broccoli, and avocado. When catching these two fruits, the chef cat will cook them immediately. In order not to be processed into dishes, broccoli, and avocado are on the run. Their goal is a refrigerator that the chef's cat can't open it.

There are a lot of cookie monsters on the way from the broccoli and avocado location to the fridge. These monsters are the servants of the chef cat and they are on a mission to prevent these two fruits. Help broccoli and avocado overcome these monsters. Come up with great strategies to get to the safe of the fridge as quickly as possible.

How to control

  • Use W and D to move the Broccoli.
  • Use Arrow Keys to move the Avocado.