Catch The Candy

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Catch each candy at every level


Catch The Candy is a multi-level puzzle game where you find a way to get to the candy's location and own it. Pass level to level to conquer the puzzle game.

You own a cute hairy animal character. This character is purple in color and has a strange tongue. It can stretch and stick to any surface. You control this character to catch the unique candy at each level of the game.

Attractive gameplay of Catch The Candy

The candy is placed in a location where it is difficult for your character to reach. The obstacles separate the candy and your character a lot. Use your knowledge of physics and smart strategy to get your character to the candy's location. Your character's tongue is the only move in this game. Click and hold the left mouse button to make its tongue stretch and stick to any surface. Release the mouse when you want your character to fall freely.

Levels in Catch The Candy

There are 120 levels in this puzzle game. The initial levels of the game will be quite easy for you to understand how the game works. As you progress, the levels will become more difficult as it is very difficult for you to get to the location of the candy. Let's see how many levels and how many candies you can catch in this game.