Cats Love Cake

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Get to the cake's position

Overview of Cats Love Cake

Help the cat get to the cake in the Cats Love Cake game. Pay attention to controlling the cat to jump over the obstacles safely and complete the mission.

The cat in this game loves delicious cakes. However, it is having a hard time getting to the position of the cake when there are many obstacles in the cat's footsteps. Your task is to help the cat reach the position of the cake.

How to play

The cat character in this arcade game does not move normally but jumps. You press and hold the left mouse button on the right side of the screen to let your cat jump to the right. Do the same control on the left side of the screen to move the cat to the left. Jump over barriers or obstacles such as broken roads or hedges of thorns to reach the position of the cake. There are many levels and it will be more and more difficult for you in the journey to support the cat to the cake's position. Good luck!

Many animal characters

There are many animal characters that you can experience in this game such as cat, giraffe, elephant, and so on. Cat is the first character that you will control. Unlock the next levels and you will unlock many different characters. Get ready to have exciting moments.