Chef Knife Master

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As a good chef, show your knife skills in the Chef Knife Master game. Chopping all the vegetables while avoiding cutting hard objects in this game is your goal.

Cut vegetables and fruits in Chef Knife Master

This is a great entertainment game with a cooking theme developed by the Mayonnaise Studio. To get a delicious dish, you have to go through an important and exciting step. It's cutting vegetables and fruits. This game is a test of your ability to cut vegetables and fruits.

In specific, a conveyor belt consists of vegetables and obstacles such as a wooden cutting board and a barbed board. Your task is to use the chef's knife to quickly slice vegetables, tubers, and fruits used in cooking. In addition, when performing slicing or cutting, you must minimize the chance of the knife hitting obstacles as much as possible. If your knife hits hard objects a lot, it will be chipped and its ability to cut fruits and vegetables will decrease.

Features of the conveyor belt in this game

It can be said that the speed at which you cut the materials will depend on the running speed of the conveyor belt. If the conveyor belt runs fast, your cutting speed is fast. Conversely, if the conveyor belt is slow, your cutting speed is slow. There is no rule about the speed of the conveyor belt. Therefore, you must pay attention to react promptly when its speed changes. After you have successfully cut the ingredients, use them to create delicious dishes in the Cooking Challenge game.