Cook And Decorate

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Welcome to the Cook And Decorate game belonging to the kind of cooking and management. In the game, you try to serve and develop your business.

How to play the game

You open a food and drink restaurant in this game and there is only you as an employee of this restaurant. Therefore, you have to work in many roles such as a business manager, a server, as well as a chef. It looks quite hard to complete well all tasks when you have just yourself. However, you will find the interesting from that and want to conquer it. You will receive a lot of good reviews if you satisfy your customers. As a result, there are more and more customers in your restaurant.

Besides these tasks, you also need to decorate your restaurant to be more beautiful. Use the money that you earn from these above tasks to buy great items for decorating. When your restaurant becomes more beautiful, it will attract more customers.

Some notes for players

  • Like the Papa's Pizzeria game, you need to make sure that your customers are not waiting for a long time. Otherwise, they will be angry and go away.
  • Your customers will come to your restaurant in turn. You don't have time to take a rest. Therefore, you need to react and handle them quickly to satisfy all customers.