Cooking Fever: Restaurant Game

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Cooking Fever: Restaurant Game is where you will become a restaurant chef specializing in making delicious burgers and toast. 150 levels are waiting for you.

Serve customers delicious food

As a good chef, you always want to provide your customers with delicious food and the best service. The food you serve to your customers is mainly burgers and toast. To make delicious dishes, the dish must include all the necessary ingredients. If one ingredient is missing, the dish will no longer be perfect. Besides, you need to cook it to a moderate temperature and make sure it's just cooked enough before offering it to your customers. If that dish is burnt or undercooked, customers will not be satisfied with your dish and won't come back next time.

One of the factors that makes your customers unhappy is that you make them wait too long. A customer often has to wait a while for the chef to finish the dish. However, like Papa's Cheeseria, if you let them wait too long, they may get angry and leave. As such, your restaurant will receive a bad reputation for customer service.

150 levels of Cooking Fever: Restaurant Game

There are 150 levels in this cooking simulation game. A level will give a certain number of customers. You have to give them the food they order and satisfy them. You will start with a relatively small number of customers and then this number will gradually increase. Can you satisfy all your customers when the number of customers is too many? Show us!