Cooking Korean Lesson

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Cooking Korean Lesson brings you the experience of cooking great Korean dishes. Are you ready to learn the amazing recipes of another country?

About Cooking Korean Lesson

The gameplay

As everyone knows, this game is designed as a cooking simulation game. In addition, it is also considered a cooking training course for those who have a hobby of cooking or explore the cuisine of different countries. The food that you will learn and make in this game is Korean food.

Let's start with this delicious traditional noodle dish that no one does not know of in this country. The ingredients have been prepared by the supplier in the kitchen. Based on the recipe, choose the necessary ingredients for this dish. There are many steps you need to take to cook a delicious dish such as slicing vegetables, peeling onions and garlic, mixing ingredients, etc.

Completing a dish, you will be able to unlock the recipe for the next Korean dish. This feature is similar to the feature in the Boyfriend Makes Me Breakfast game. Use your mouse to cook now!

Developer and release date

This cooking game was developed by Go Panda Games in January 2020.

Benefits of playing Cooking Korean Lesson

  • Play this cooking game, you will have great entertainment moments.
  • The game satisfies your passion for cooking if you are a person with a taste for cooking. In addition, you also learn many new recipes from other cultures.
  • For those who have never cooked before, this game teaches you how to use some cooking utensils. At the same time, this is a great environment for you to get used to this job.