Cooking Madness

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Welcome to Cooking Madness which is one of the most popular cooking games. Cooking the greatest meals and serving all clients before time's up are your duty.

Some things about the game

As you may know, Cooking Madness is so famous. Therefore, the first thing you have to do when entering this game is to choose the language you use from a list of languages. After that, you start your cooking time immediately. In the game, you have to play two roles at the same time: one for the waiter and one for the chef. When your customers come and order their meals, you have to prepare them quickly. Serving every customer perfectly to have good reviews from them. As a result, your restaurant will be more and more famous and more and more customers come. It's sure that you will earn a lot of money.

Some notes for you when playing this cooking simulator game

  • You have to cook delicious food and try to serve all clients before time's up. If the time is up and you don't have food for your customers, they will angry and have a bad look at your restaurant.
  • A rule when there are a lot of customers in your restaurant is that you serve them in order. Who comes first, you serve him first.
  • There is no limited element in the game. Therefore, anyone can play this Cooking Madness game.