Cooking Madness - A Chef's Game

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Description of Cooking Madness - A Chef's Game

Cooking Madness - A Chef's Game belongs to the genre of cooking simulation games. As a good chef, you cook delicious food and serve them to your customers.

The mission

As everyone knows, this game offers you the chance to become a chef who will travel all over the world and serve delicious food you make. Start the game, you choose where you want to go by choosing the language. For example, if you choose the English language, you will make and sell food in England. If you choose another language, you will perform this task in the country where that language is spoken.

Once you've chosen the language and place of sale, you'll begin your cooking journey in no time. The game has many levels corresponding to the days. Each day, you will have a criterion to fulfill. For example, how much money you need to earn on that day. If you complete the first day's criteria, the second day's quest will be unlocked. Of course, the criteria for later dates will be more difficult than those for earlier dates. You will unlock new cooking utensils using the money that you earn.

Game Tips

Your customers will be more and more. However, each customer will only wait for the dish for a certain amount of time. You have to deliver the food to them before time runs out. Therefore, you should unlock cooking tools such as pans, cutting boards, and more to be able to cook faster. As such, customers will appreciate your customer service.

Other information about Cooking Madness - A Chef's Game

Developer and release date

Vidoogames is the developer and publisher of this cooking simulator game. The game is released Friday, April 01, 2022.


Like most other cooking games such as Papa's Hot Doggeria and Papa's Freezeria, players can play this game on the web browser on desktop and mobile.