Drive Mad

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Drive Mad is a fun driving game that offers players all kinds of dangerous roads. Are you confident enough to conquer these deadly roads? By driving a car, prove it.

What you need to do in Drive Mad

If you are a person who likes to take risks on deadly roads, do not hesitate to join the driving mad game right away. Control an off-road car with the right and left arrow keys in this game. If you want the car to move fast, press the control button for a while. Don't forget to release the control button at the right time to win the game.

The roads will change and become more challenging as you progress in this driving game. You will have to control your car on the river, the slopes, the steps, etc. Can you and your car overcome them? Your car will also change and become more eye-catching when reaching a certain level. However, at many levels, your upgraded car may be more difficult to navigate.

Who creates this driving game?

Martin Magni who is a game developer created this fun driving game. It's totally free on all platforms and can be played with any smart device. Let's come and enjoy 100 levels of this game.