Dumb Ways To Die

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Description of Dumb Ways To Die

Dumb Ways To Die is a game famous for its stupid and absurd deaths. In this game, you think of ways to save your character from those deaths.

The interesting gameplay

The game offers stupid, dangerous, and interesting situations that will kill your character. Your task is to help your character avoid death when encountering those situations. Specifically, before starting a situation, the game will announce how many points you need to achieve to unlock the next character. You will then press play and participate in rescuing your character from dumb deaths.

Each situation will suggest ways to help your character out of danger. You need to quickly do it. There is a progress bar running from right to left at the top of the screen. If it finishes running and you can't rescue your character, your character dies.

Control: use the mouse.

Characters in Dumb Ways To Die

The game's characters are designed very interestingly. They are cute and catch the eye of the player. Starting off, you will only own a cute bean character. After completing each goal, you will unlock more and more different characters.

Suggestion for playing the game

To help you easily win this game, here are a few situations that you should be aware of.

  • Situation 1: You're in the water where piranhas live. Chasing these fish is your duty. That way, you won't be eaten by fish.
  • Situation 2: You are lost in a dark place where there is a murderer. He's trying to kill you from the dark. Use the light to find him so that you can avoid his deadly attacks.
  • Situation 3: You are curious about what the area ahead is and you use a stick to poke that area. Unfortunately, it's a monster. Act fast or you will be eaten.
  • Situation 4: Your hair is on fire for a reason. The only way to put out the fire is to run fast. Ready to run.

These situations are interesting, aren't they? There are many other funny situations. Have fun!