Electron Dash

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About Electron Dash

Electron Dash is a fast-paced game, where you will have a great experience while racing in an endless tunnel. Play and have fun with this game.

In this game, you will transform into an astronaut who is exploring the endless path in space. It is the same as Geometry Dash Meltdown, your task is to overcome obstacles and try to go far on this road. You can freely move to either side of the tunnel. This game will challenge your reflexes while avoiding obstacles.

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How to play

This game has similar gameplay to Death Run 3D, You use the keys on the screen to control your character. You use the AD key or the left and right arrow keys to move. Press W or Up arrow key to jump up. Use these keys flexibly and overcome the challenges of the game.

How to control: Use the keys on the keyboard to control.