Fancy Pants

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Fancy Pants is an adventure game about a stickman on his exciting journey of discovery. You will help him overcome countless interesting levels and obstacles.

Take thrilling adventures in Fancy Pants

The character in this adventure game is Fancy Pants, a stickman wearing colorful and baggy pants. His thrilling journey of discovery is becoming more and more difficult as monsters and deadly obstacles keep appearing. You must accompany him to overcome these challenges. In adventures, you may come across scribbled lines. Collect them and look for springboards and secret doors. Passing the secret doors, you can get attractive rewards. Good luck!

How to control the character to move and overcome obstacles

Start the game, press the up arrow key to open the door of discovery, and start your thrilling journey. Also, this 2D adventure game has a simple way of moving when you use left and right to move. When monsters, dangerous creatures, and obstacles appear, you press the S key to control the character to jump and overcome them. Besides, you need to pay attention to pressing the down arrow key to duck while on a slant or landing to roll.