FNF Papa's Funkeria

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About FNF Papa's Funkeria

Play and join the great musical party in the FNF Papa's Funkeria game. In this game, you will participate in fierce rap battles and try to win.

Unlike other games on the Papa's Pizzeria website, in this game, the 2 main characters of the game will be taken to Papa Louie's planet. They were eager to explore this place. They will be involved in fiery rap battles. Are you ready for this amazing game? Let's play and have great experiences.

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Game mode

This game has 2 modes

  • In "Story" mode, you can sing two songs with the chef. However, they will move exactly in sequence. You need to beat your opponent to get to the next round.
  • In "Free Play" mode, you can immediately join the stage after choosing either song. Making no mistakes and defeating the enemy is the main goal.

How to control: Use your arrow keys to play the game.