Friday Night Funkin'

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Have you ever played a thrilling rhythm game, called Friday Night Funkin'? This arcade game is waiting for you. Let's participate in this entertaining game to achieve the highest score and defeat your opponent by tapping the musical notes in time. It is easy to control, but hard to master.

Do you know all of the characters in Friday Night Funkin'? The game has many villains and two main characters. The two main characters are the boyfriend and the girlfriend. Daddy Dearest, Skid and Pump, Monster, Pico, Senpai, Cassette Girl, and others are the villains. In order to conquer the heart of the Girlfriend, the Boyfriend has to beat all enemies.

Game Modes

There are 2 game modes, including Story Mode and Free Play. They are the two game modes in this FNF game. Start playing one of them right now to have fun.

How To Play Friday Night Funkin'

Try to get the highest score possible by pressing the arrow keys in time to sing catchy songs. If your score is higher than your rival's, you will win. This FNF game is competitive because you have to compete with your opponents. It is different from the single-player gameplay of Pacman, Papa's Pizzeria, and Happy Wheels.

Controls: To play, press the ARROW KEYS.