Funny Animal Cafe

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Funny Animal Cafe gives players the experience of running a small cafe. Get ready to play this simulation game and let us know your business ability.

The mechanics of the Funny Animal Cafe game

In this simulation game, you play as a bunny who will be in charge of running a small cafe in the city center. Are you ready to open your coffee shop and welcome your first customers?

Before welcoming your valued customers, you need to put your coffee shop in tip-top shape. Let's start with the design and interior decoration of your cafe. Think about a suitable place where you can put a table and chairs or a place to make coffee and toast.

Then invite your lovely guests to sit at the table and prepare the dishes. Delight your guests with delicious toasts or memorable coffee cups. More and more customers come to your cafe to enjoy your cooking skills. Hire more staff if necessary to serve customers as quickly as possible. Become the best cafe owner and then conquer other areas of cooking like Doner Kebab Salad Tomatoes Onions.

How to control

For desktop devices, control your rabbit character easily using WASD keys. When you want to interact with objects in the game or make decisions when choosing buttons in the game, you left-click. In addition, for mobile devices, you swipe the screen to move your rabbit character and tap to interact with in-game objects.

Developer and release date

The game was just created in May 2023 by game developer Awfu11ife. You can play Funny Animal Cafe on any smart device whether it is desktop or mobile.