Happy Glass Puzzles 2

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About Happy Glass Puzzles 2

Play and challenge your brain in the Happy Glass Puzzles 2 game. In this game, you will use a pen and draw pipes to fill the glass with water.

In this game, you will be training your brain, when you have to draw pipes to bring the most water into the glass. Your task is to make the cup always smile by filling the cup with water. Play and have fun in this game.

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How to play

This game has very simple gameplay. You use the pen to draw water pipes so that the glass is full. As the amount of water from the faucet is limited, you need to draw reasonable water pipes. Don't waste any water.

How to control: Use the mouse.

The level of game

This game has loads of levels to challenge your brain. At high levels, many obstacles will appear to prevent your flow. Play and destroy all obstacles.