Hot Dog Bush

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Try playing the Hot Dog Bush game to become a manager of a hot dog restaurant. Earning as much money as possible to expand your business in other food.

Gameplay of Hot Dog Bush

President George Bush just finished his term and he decided to open a hot dog restaurant in New York. First, he opened a small restaurant in the Bronx with his retirement money. With his reputation as president, his hot dog restaurant attracts a lot of customers. There were so many customers that he couldn't manage them all. Therefore, you help this former president in managing and serving customers.

The game will ask you how much you have to earn in a day. Make delicious hot dogs and provide customers with the best services to accomplish goals. Similar to Papa's Cheeseria and Papa's Donuteria, remember that you can't keep customers waiting long if you don't want them to leave. As completing your goal and earn a lot of money, you can expand your business elsewhere with other dishes like fried potatoes, juice, etc.

Some things players need to know about the game

  • Hot Dog Bush has 5 levels including Bronx, Times Square, Wall Street, Yankees Stadium, and Central Park. Complete quests at level 1 to move on to other levels.
  • All you need to control the game is the mouse. Use it to grill the meat, prepare the bread, and more.
  • Career and Speed are two modes in the game. Experience all two modes and help George earn as much as possible.