Idle Diner Restaurant Game

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Some interesting things about Idle Diner Restaurant Game

Welcome to Idle Diner Restaurant Game to start your entrepreneurial journey from a small restaurant! Your only goal is to try to develop your restaurant.

The background of this game is that you have just graduated and need a job. After a while of researching and analyzing all aspects, you decide to open a restaurant. Initially, your restaurant is quite small because the restaurant space is small and only has a few tables and chairs. Customers coming to you are also limited because of that. Therefore, try to run and build your restaurant with great strategies to increase income. As you earn extra income, you'll be able to unlock more spaces, chefs, and restaurant furniture. Your restaurant will become bigger and more customers will come. Let's turn your restaurant into a five-star institution and earn you a lot of money. To play more games similar to this one, you can check out our online Papa's Scooperia, Basketball Papa, and Pizza Maker Game.

How to play

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