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Jacksmith is an online game that offers you an exciting action role-playing environment. Become a trick blacksmith who creates amazing weapons for warriors.

Quests in the game Jacksmith

Forge weapons for warriors

The enemy is attacking your place and the decisive battle is about to take place. Weapons are one of the important factors to decide the victory of the battle. Is a master trick blacksmith of the country. You are ready to forge sharp and powerful weapons. Give those weapons to your country's warrior to enhance your victory in this game.

Fight like a strong warrior

In Jacksmith, you are not only a skilled blacksmith but you are also a brave warrior. When the warriors go to war, you are also ready to be there. Destroy all enemies in the game and regain peace for your homeland.

Instructions on how to create weapons

You are at the smithy and the soldiers come to you to ask you to forge weapons. The position of each soldier will determine the type of weapon you will make for them. After you know what kind of weapon to do. You will move to the Construction Station to select ores and molds. Now it's time to show off your blacksmithing skills. Let's melt the ore, pour it into molds to shape and cool them. Finally, sharpen the weapon so that it becomes the sharpest.