Jetpack Joyride

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About Jetpack Joyride

In the fun exploration game Jetpack Joyride, you play as a treasure hunter who must uncover a hidden laboratory and gather gold money. Have a great time!

Scientists often conduct their research and produce fantastic items that benefit society in laboratories. One laboratory, nevertheless, stood out from the others because it was a hidden facility stocked with gold coins. Knowing that it exists, you cannot pass up this chance as a treasure hunter. To enter the lab and take them all, use your jetpack. Naturally, taking these valuables won't be simple due to the abundance of scientists and lethal traps like catapults, rockets, and lasers. So, take care to avoid such obstacles. Try to collect as many coins as you can while flying as far as you can. Additionally, you may utilize a few boosters that will be extremely beneficial to you during the game, such as Profit Bird, Shield, and Speed Boost. Anyway, after collecting all the gold coins, let's visit FNF Papa's Funkeria and Papa Louie Adventure In Village.

How to control

  • Hold the left mouse button to soar upward.
  • Release the left mouse button to fly downward.