Let's Color Papa

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Let's Color Papa is an arcade game for you to get an entertaining moment. In the game, you show your art ability to color the Papa character.

About Let's Color Papa

It's claimed that the Papa game is so familiar to players with the game series of Papa Louie such as Papa Louie Adventure In Village, Papa Louie 2, and Papa Louie 3. From that, there are many developers who create a lot of Papa-related games. Let's Color Papa is considered an ultimate game.

What do you do in Let's Color Papa?

As I mentioned earlier, when you enter this game, you take control of coloring the Papa character. In specific, there is a picture with basic drawing lines and no color. You use your colors to decorate and color it to be more vivid and attractive. On the left of your screen, you will see all the necessary things to get a perfect picture according to your ideas. They include colors, pencils, an eraser, etc.

How to color

You use your computer mouse to choose the color. After that, hold the mouse and drag where you want to apply the color to the pictures. Besides, you click the paint bucket to fill the space with the previously chosen color. More important is that you can also draw another character who you like. Then, color your character to have a beautiful appearance.