Love Tester

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Get ready to test the compatibility of the two people through the Love Tester game. Write your name and the person you want to take this test with.

How Love Tester works

Have you ever wondered how compatible you and the people you know are? This casual game with a sentimental theme will answer your questions. As mentioned above, this game is considered a test of the compatibility of any two people through their names. Specifically, when you write the names of any two people in the required area and press to start measuring. Check if you and your lover or anyone in order to know the compatibility between two people. This equation will give you a number. Here is some information about what the number means:

  • 1 - 25%: The two are extremely incompatible.
  • 25 - 50%: Two people are not compatible.
  • 50 - 75%: The relationship between two people is normal.
  • 75% - 90%: The two have a good relationship.
  • 90% - 100%: The two people understand each other extremely well and the relationship is extremely good.

Design of Love Tester

The design of this game is simple but extremely eye-catching. It takes pink as the main color which is the color that represents love. Two areas to write two people's names are on the left and right side of the screen, respectively. The heart shape representing the compatibility of two people is located in the center of the screen. The results will be displayed in the heart shape.