Ludo Hero

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Ludo Hero is a classic strategy game where you roll the dice and move your pieces across the board so that it reaches the finish line first. Have a great time!

The gameplay of Ludo Hero

Ludo Hero offers a board divided into 4 areas for four players. You are responsible for rolling the dice to move your pieces. The number of moves of the piece depends on the number of dice that you roll. After you roll the dice and move the pieces, it will be your opponent's turn. The player can bring his piece to the center with all four pieces, that player is the winner.

This strategy game is also considered a test of luck. The reason is that the numbers on the dice are generated according to your luck. If you throw a large number, your pieces will move faster. If you roll a small number in a row, you will probably be the loser. If you like this genre of strategy games, Catch The Candy might be a game you like.

Two-player and four-player modes

Players participating in the game Ludo Hero can play against the computer or other online players. Whether you choose your opponent as the computer or another online player, you can play in two-player or four-player mode.

The 2-player mode is often rated as easier than the 4-player mode when you only have to compete with one opponent. If you play with four players, it becomes more intense when you have to be careful about the remaining 3 opponents.