Mad Burger

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Let's entertain yourself with an interesting game called Mad Burger. Throw delicious burgers to the hungry lovely customers so they can enjoy them.

Introduction to Mad Burger

Mad Burger is an online game about cooking. In particular, the main dish in this game is great burgers. The burgers will make hungry people feel happy when enjoying every bite of vegetables and meat. In this game, you take responsibility for making such delicious burgers. After that, you throw it to the customer who orders it for his meal. The faster the speed, the more money you get. You will receive money from the burger and a tip for your service.

Some interesting things about Mad Burger

  • You use the on-screen speedometer to determine the speed at which you toss the burger. To let the bread fly further, press and hold the bread so that it sprays ketchup.
  • Earn a lot of money and use it in buying bonuses during the burger festival. The game offers 5 performance improvements and 5 bonuses. Besides, you can upgrade 4 levels of Burger.
  • Professional Music and SoundsFX for a better player experience. Tune in and enjoy them!