Magic Run

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About Magic Run

Start a magical race in Magic Run. In this game, you will control your character to collect gold and run away from the spell of the evil witch.

This is a familiar running game like Slope 3, however, you will control your character to escape from the witch's spell. Every time you hit the witch's curse, you will turn into a frog. Let's go find the antidote and get rid of this curse.

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How to play

You will join a dangerous journey like in Death Run 3D. You use the mouse to tap the screen to jump. Be careful with the witch above you, you need to avoid the bags that drop from the witch. These bags can make you turn into a frog. When you get hit by 3 witch's bags you lose. Also, beware of crows, you will die when you hit them.

How to control: Use the mouse.