Masha And Bear Cooking Dash

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Masha And Bear Cooking Dash is a cooking game where you will fill the hungry stomachs of animals. Get ready to cook different dishes to please adorable animals.

The background of the game

This cooking simulation game gives a scene where the animals in the forest are very hungry. Masha and Bear decided to help these animals by cooking their favorite food. You help our characters Masha and Bear to complete this task. Each animal requires a dish with different ingredients. Can you complete them and satisfy all these animals?

Cooking in Masha And Bear Cooking Dash

When you access this game, you will see Masha and many other animals that are waiting in line for Masha to cook the food they need. Above each animal is a picture of the food these animals need. You click on any animal in the row to start cooking for that animal. For example, a hungry goat wants your help with making oatmeal. You click on that goat image to start making that oatmeal. The ingredients needed for the oatmeal are already there. Your task now is to rely on the cake recipe and perform the cooking.

After you finish the oatmeal for that goat, you will invite the goat to enjoy it. The goat eats and shows satisfaction with your help. Then you will continue the game by cooking for other animals. Continue to select an animal and do the same steps. Helping animals is fun. After helping the animals avoid hunger, you can help Papa make delicious burgers at Papa's Burgeria.