Merge Harvest

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Welcome to Bonanza Games LLC's exciting puzzle and merging game called Merge Harvest. Try to make the place you live in perfect and a place that people admire.

The mission in the Merge Harvest game

In this game, you find a very interesting, beautiful, and wonderful land to live in. However, it is not perfect because the house is quite dilapidated and some things are still missing. Your mission is to make this area the most perfect place. You start the game by collecting materials to build buildings. Then grow plants, raise animals, and more.

Guidelines to play the Merge Harvest game

Don't worry if this is your first time participating in this game. Tutorials and stories will appear as you play to make your experience better. Build beautiful buildings and upgrade them for faster production. Also, when you upgrade your inventory, you get interesting bonus slots. The game also offers positive rewards and coins as you progress in this puzzle and merging game, don't hesitate to collect them. Using the mouse to play is the simple control of this game. Wishing you every success in developing your region into the best of the best!