Money Land

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Have you ever thought that one day you will own a lot of property? The Money Land game will be a perfect place for you to conduct this thing.

The rule of the game

After you enter this Money Land game, I am sure you will soon become rich. Why? Let's discover what you should do in this game to be richer. You as a stickman who is standing in front of a special area. This area concludes a lot of money and other things like a bank or an ice cream truck. First, you will approach the money area and collect all money there. After that, you will buy a bank or other to conduct earn more money. Continue to perform this process to become increasingly rich. It's so easy to earn money in this game, right? If you want to experience something more challenging, let's check out Penguin Diner and Penguin Diner 2.

Instruction to control your character

Use your mouse to navigate the stickman approaching the area you want. Move to the upgrade area to open more areas.