Monkey Mart

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What do you think about a business journey that started with a small supermarket in a forest? Monkey Mart offers you a great environment to make it happen.

Things you need to do in Monkey Mart

When you start the game, you will play like a monkey that owns a supermarket in a forest. This supermarket is not yet operational and you will be the one to start running it. Use your capital to start decorating the supermarket by buying the necessary furniture for the supermarket. Because your capital is limited, it is recommended that you buy the checkout counter and product display shelf first. Then, you make money by growing and selling fruits to the monkey citizens. After earning some money, you can expand the production of the supermarket. To find out how much money you have, pay attention to the top left corner of the screen. Moreover, you can hire someone to do it if you can't do all the work at the supermarket alone. Are you ready?

How to control

You use your arrow keys to navigate your monkey character. When the monkey approaches an area, work is conducted.