My Burger Shop 2

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About My Burger Shop 2

Are you ready to bring everyone delicious lunches at My Burger Shop 2? Make amazing burgers and develop your shop into the biggest brand in the city.

After thinking about work for a long time, you have decided to open a restaurant called My Burger Shop 2 in the city center. Your new shop is considered a traditional burger shop. To serve your customers' satisfaction, sandwiches and burger at your store always have a variety of ingredients to choose from, including bread, cheese, crispy burger, chicken patties, lettuce, onions potatoes, pickles, and even sausages, and more. You should do your best to serve your customers with the great specialties your restaurant has to offer. Especially, your restaurant will be very crowded at lunchtime. That's why you should always check that you have all the necessary ingredients and are ready to give your customers a lovely meal that includes their favorite sandwich recipes. Work hard and carefully to make your Burger Shop 2 the biggest brand in the city. Then try your hand at areas like FNF Papa's Funkeria, Papa's Cheeseria, and Papa's Freezeria.

Features of the game

  • Easy to play with one player
  • Interesting simulator game
  • Great graphics and sound effects