My Friend Pedro

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Welcome to My Friend Pedro! This is an attractive shooting game where you transform into a serious man trying to eliminate the bad guys in this society.

Get rid of the bad guys

Pedro is an upright friend and always wishes to bring good things to society. He has the shape of a banana and has the ability to search for where the bad guys are. Joining this game, you will accompany Pedro to track down the bad guys and eliminate them. Under Pedro's guidance, you will become everyone's hero by eliminating those villains.

How to play My Friend Pedro

Instructions for completing the task

When you face bad guys, weapons are an indispensable thing. You will use the gun as the main weapon to destroy the enemy. Move under the guidance of your friend Pedro to find the object you need to destroy. Shoot deadly bullets at them while trying to avoid their attacks. The health bar showing your health is displayed in the right corner of the screen. You need to note that if that bar runs out then the game is over. Let's see how many bad guys you can eliminate.

How to control

  • Move left and right = A and D
  • Jump = W
  • Look around and aim = Mouse
  • Shoot = Let mouse button