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About Pacman

Become an alien superhero in the Pacman game and explore intricate labyrinths. Let's control your character to navigate the mazes and consume all dots without crashing into monsters. If you collide with monsters, the game will end and you have to restart this level. In this game, there are many different levels for you to conquer. Can you finish all levels? Note that the level of difficulty will increase.

Collect Food and Attack Monsters

Conquer mysterious mazes by collecting numerous power dots. To win, navigate the mazes and gather all the power dots. In addition, you also eat other food such as strawberries and cherries. Each item will bring you different points.

  • A small dot: 10 points
  • A large dot: 50 points
  • A fruit: 100 points

The monsters in the mazes should be avoided with care. The game is over if you hit them. However, you can attack them for 200 points when they transform into ghosts.

Make an effort to complete as many mazes as you can in order to achieve the highest score possible. You can have more fun by playing Happy Wheels, Papa's Pizzeria, and Crossy Road after exploring the mazes.

How to control the character: Use the ARROW KEYS to control it.