Papa Louie 2

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About Papa Louie 2

Papa Louie 2 is an engaging action game that belongs to the Papa Louie series. In this game, your ultimate mission is to rescue your customers from danger.

Welcome to Papa Louie 2 which is also called Papa Louie 2: When Burgers Attack! The game starts as any other Papa Louie game would. You choose between Marty and Rita after selecting a save spot and entering your name. Papa Louie 2's opening scene starts as anticipated for a game in the series. On a nice day, your character and a colleague are preparing for a hectic day of work. There is a rush of customers, and everything looks usual until the arrival of a peculiar customer.

The mystery client deposits a peculiar device in the tip jar, which transfers everyone via a gateway to a parallel planet populated by anthropomorphic, homicidal burger components. You must rescue all your customers by defeating these monsters and gathering money. Like Papa Louie 3 and Papa's Pizzeria, you use the left and right arrow keys to control your character to walk. The up and down arrow keys are used for climbing ladders and crouching ladders. When you encounter your enemies, let's use the space bar.