Papa Louie 3

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About Papa Louie 3

Take part in Papa Louie 3 to enjoy a great adventure game belonging to the Papa game series. Your mission in the game is to give all of the captives free.

A terrible event happened when an evil and mad scientist created a strange machine that turned delicious cakes and sweets into ugly monsters. This scientist summoned these sweet monsters to attack humans. You are one of the lucky ones to escape the onslaught of these sweet monsters. You have decided to rescue your friends from this danger. To successfully free your loved ones, you first must do your best to protect yourself from the beasts of the jungle, then fight the sweets monsters and traverse the deadly terrains. On that journey, you will encounter a lot of valuable items. Collect them as much as possible because they will come in handy at some point. Like Papa Louie Adventure In Village and Papa's Donuteria, the game is suitable for all people of ages and genders. Let's participate in the game immediately to rescue your loved people.

How to control

With arrow keys, your character can move, jump, dive and swim. When encountering your enemies, press space.