Papa Louie Adventure In Village

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About Papa Louie Adventure In Village

Papa Louie Adventure In Village is an interesting adventure game belonging to the Papa series games. In the game, you will control Louie to explore the village.

After a long time of working as a pizza maker, the character Louie comes back to his hometown. Louie would like to make an exciting journey to discover his village. Let's assist him to complete this adventure. In order to help him move, you use the left and right arrow keys. Besides, the up and down arrow keys will help Louie climb ropes and ladders. Sometimes, you have to conduct some exciting activities like throwing the pepper bomb, let's use the X key to do this. Control Louie to explore all the corners of the village. You will encounter a lot of great things like gold coins. Collect all to enrich your budget. Of course, you are also careful with the traps and monsters during the adventure. They will try to kill you each time they see you. You should use the Z key to hit your enemies. Good luck!

Interesting features of the game