Papa Louie Snow Adventure

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What is Papa Louie Snow Adventure?

Papa Louie Snow Adventure is an adventure game in which you accompany Papa Louie in his thrilling adventure. Collect pizzas as many as possible.

Papa Louie is a famous pizza maker in the city. He owns a pizza restaurant where hundreds of people come to buy it every day. Suddenly, his pizzas were stolen and he had to find them again. Are you ready to accompany Papa on this thrilling journey? Collect all the pizzas on this level and go through the magic door to the next level. Continue to collect pizzas until there is no pizza lost.

Destroy the monsters

In this game, there are a lot of monsters that will try to eliminate you during the adventure. They often have a purple color and wear protective hats. If your Papa is attacked more than three times, he will die. Therefore, destroy them before they attack you. Your Papa owns a hammer which is also his weapon. Press the Z key to activate it and hit these monsters. You can also use the hammer to break the stone walls. Throwing bombs is a great way to eliminate your enemies.

Interesting information players should know

Papa Louie game series

Papa Louie Snow Adventure is a part of the Papa Louie game series which is developed by Flipline Studios. Some games in this series are Papa Louie Adventure In Village and Papa Louie: When Pizzas Attack


This game has up to 15 levels arranged from basic to hard level. Help Papa Louie to overcome all 15 levels.

Instruction to control

  • Arrow keys = Walk
  • Up arrow key = jump or climb the ladder
  • Down arrow key = climb down the ladder
  • Z key = attack
  • X key = throw the bomb