Papa's Burgeria

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Papa's Burgeria is a cooking game belonging to the Papa's series, in which you run the business of a burger restaurant. play and have fun in this game

In this game, the player plays the role of Marty or Rita. Your task is to take customer orders, prepare and decorate burgers, then serve them. You try to make the best burger to get lots of compliments from the guests!

About Station

It is like in Papa's Pancakeria, this game has 3 stations: Ordering Station, Baking Station, and Building Station.

  • Order Station: In this step, you take the customer's order.
  • Grill station: You cook and flip burgers here.
  • Building Station: You order burgers with slices of tomato, sauce, onion, cheese, vegetables, and other ingredients.

How to play

This game has similar gameplay as Papa's Scooperia, you use the mouse to play the game. To make a burger, you use the mouse to select, drag, and move elements. After making the burger, you bring it to serve the customer and get feedback.

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