Papa's Cupcakeria

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About Papa's Cupcakeria

Welcome back to the new part of Papa Louie with Papa's Cupcakeria. In this part, you have to work hard to provide the residents of Frostfield with cupcakes.

Similar to previous Papa Louie games like Papa's Pastaria and Papa's Scooperia, you begin your trip by choosing your game character. From there, you follow the Frostfield people who are eager for Papa Louie's cupcakes. Unfortunately, Papa Louie is not around to manufacture the cupcakes, so it is up to the player to ensure that the Frostfield inhabitants get the cupcakes they so justly deserve.

Four stations of Papa's Cupcakeria

  • The Order Station functions identically to other stations. Upon entering Papas Cupcakeria for the first time, you will observe that the waiting room is quite deserted. While optimizing the other stations, you will have the choice to update this area to reduce the waiting time once you have optimized the other stations.
  • The Batter Station is where you conduct the beginning steps of making a cake. When a client puts in an order, the batter and all other ingredients and toppings will be listed on the order slip. Follow it!
  • The Bake Station is the location where you bake the cake. When they are in the oven, the timing must be carefully monitored. There will be several ovens, and you must keep track of them.
  • The Build Station is the place where everything comes together. In the build station, you place the customer's ordered toppings, frostings, and other decorative things. At the beginning of the game, you won't have a lot of toppings to utilize, so you may focus on getting the frosting just perfect to get the most points.