Papa's Freezeria

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About Papa's Freezeria

Participate in Papa's Freezeria to enjoy an exciting simulator game in which you are responsible for managing a dessert business while the owner is absent.

How to play

Papa's Freezeria is a cookery game that is named after the ice cream store on the gorgeous tropical island of Calypso. Let's come to Calypso Island where an exciting new position awaits you. Imagine you are an ice cream manufacturer that provides a variety of sundaes to your clients. In this game, you are a sweet witch with magical hands who can create a variety of delicious ice creams using the given ingredients. You are employed by a dessert business and will run it while the owner is away. Take client orders and offer them the greatest sundaes possible. Try your best to service each client accurately to get the tips. After that, you may enhance the freezer, the dessert stations, and the overall store with your hard-earned cash. In addition, once you have a certain position in this area, you can try working in Papa's Scooperia, Papa's Bakeria, and Papa's Sushiria.