Papa's Pancakeria

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Welcome to Papa's Pancakeria, it is a great cooking game. In this game, you will play as a French baker and have an exciting cooking experience.

This is a cooking game like Papa's Sushiria and Papa's Scooperia on the Papa's Pizzeria website . You will take on the role of a chef in charge of making French toast. Your job is to try to make the best waffles and pancakes to serve your customers. You have to make your customers pleased with the food you serve. Play and challenge yourself in this game.

About station

  • The Order Station is the first step, where you take the customer’s orders.
  • The Grill Station is where you create the pancakes.
  • The Build Station is where you decorate your dish by pouring the toppings on the pancakes before serving it to your customer.

How to Play

You start the game at the first station with the job of ordering food for the customers. Then, you use the mouse to make a pancake. Use your mouse to select, drag, and move your chosen ingredients. After making the cake, you bring the cake to serve customers.