Papa's Pastaria

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About Papa's Pastaria

Experience the greatness of Italian cuisine in the Papa's Pastaria game. It is part of the Papa Louie game series, where you will play as a spaghetti cooker.

It is the same as Papa's Scooperia on the Papa's Pizzeria website. You will play the role of the owner of a spaghetti restaurant and have to create delicious pasta dishes to serve customers. Choose a character, take orders and make delicious spaghetti!

How to play

It is like Papa's Pancakeria, this game has 4 stations

  • Order Station
  • Cook Station
  • Build Station
  • Bread Station

You serve customers in the order of stations. In the first step, you have to take the order, cook and mix the noodles, and drizzle the delicious sauce. You add spice shakers and toppings to each pasta dish. Then complete the meal with a side of freshly baked bread. Finally, you bring the food to the customer. Play and have great experiences with this game.

How to control: Use the mouse to control.